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Job description

The Entertainment Coordinator is responsible for the execution, operation and protection of conceptual and existing company-wide entertainment programs thereby protecting the brand image and standards.

The Entertainment Coordinator reports to the Operations/ F&B Manager

Minimum Qualifications:

$1·         Basic “O” level education  

$1·         4 (Four) years of experience in hospitality industry in equivalent capacity

$1·         Basic knowledge of various instruments as well as familiar with a variety of audio equipment (Karaoke Audio Systems and Mixing Boards, etc.) 

$1·         AGE; 28 -40 years

$1·         Special skills in performing arts field or experience in live performance

$1·         Strong planning and organizational skills.

$1·         Proven presentation and facilitation skills.

$1·         Requires effective oral and written communication skills.

$1·         Strong interpersonal, coordinatorial and leadership skills required in order to coach and lead.

$1·         Foreign language will be an added advantage.


$1          1.          Drives, instills and protects the company brand throughout all entertainment mediums and venues.

$1          2.          Responsible for the Audio/Visual venue presentation of all Entertainment programs and activities.

$1          3.          Oversees the development, negotiation (in liaison with Food and Beverage Manager/General Manager) and implementation of entertainment programs, focusing on quality product and image enhancement, ensuring that all elements of the company brand messaging are featured.

$1          4.          Maintains and enhances the creative and artistic quality of existing shows and consumer events.

$1          5.          Collaborates with other departments i.e. Food & Beverage, Sales and Marketing to ensure effective communication and execution of shows/events.

$1          6.          Train and work with the entertainment associates to maximize their talents and performance.

$1          7.          Prepares weekly entertainment schedule/programme in compliance with budget guidelines.

$1          8.          Oversee the maintenance needs and cleanliness of performance venues.

$1          9.          Ensures proper recordkeeping and maintenance of all department documents and equipments.

$1        10.        Manages and monitors policies and procedures for the entertainment department.

$1        11.        Manages and monitors the performance of independent contractors and staff in order to uphold company/entertainment standards.

$1        12.        Attends and participates in meetings as needed and or required.

$1        13.        Attends and participates in professional group meetings, stays abreast of new trends and innovation in the field of Entertainment and promotions.

$1        14.        Performs other duties as assigned.

$1        15.        Work is not performed in an office environment and requires evenings, weekend hours and holiday hours. Extended periods of standing and walking are required.

$1        16.        Participates in the recruitment, hiring, development, performance and evaluation of the internal events teams.

$1        17.        Develop and conduct event stage management program to include comprehension of rehearsal and operational processes, training, schedules, production books, and start-up meetings. Coach and develop event stage

Supervises Consumer Event Operations cast & crew on the job safety program

Application Deadline: 23rd September 2016

Interested applicants should forward resume to:

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