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Travellers Beach Hotel & Club are looking for highly experienced Safety and Security Manager


Below are the credentials required



  1. Ensure that the hotel is safe from any external or internal aggression;          
  2. Manage the security guards and continuously train and vet them to ensure they are conversant with the current security procedures;
  3. Monitor the happenings within the surrounding hotels / sections and appropriately advise the management;
  4. Effect procedures that will reduce loses and theft of guest and company property from the hotel;
  5. Ensure the hotel does not expose itself to any risk to both the guests and the people who work here. Such would include:-

            i. Fire;

           ii. Drowning;

           iii. Falling on the stairs;

           iv. Loosely connected wires;

            v. Robbery; etc

  1. Help in investigating cases involving hotel staff and giving appropriate recommendation to departmental managers and the staffing officer;
  2. Manage the lost and found stores;
  3. Be the liaison person with the police administration in helping in cases involving the police;
  4. Manage the level of beach boys and beach traders at the beach by coordinating with the appropriate authorities;
  5. Liaise with other departmental managers to institute procedures to reduce pilferage;
  6. Assist the staffing officer in managing the hotel’s taxis and late night staff transport;
  7. Help in vetting potential employees, as may be the case.
  8. Monitor movement of assets by ensuring an effective gate-pass system is in operation and submit a monthly report of items not returned;
  9. Manage the keys used in various outlets and maintain safe custody of the same when the sections are closed overnight;
  10. Effect regular checks on the following areas and make recommendations for enhanced security; 

         i. The general cashier’s area.

        ii. The front office cashier’s area.

       iii. The Bars;

       iv. The dry goods stores;

        v. Any areas involved in sending hotel assets out of the premises e.g. laundry consignments;

  1. Assist in duty management as may be requested from time to time.
  2. Ensure that the facility is appropriately covered with firefighting equipment and that a well thought out firefighting / evacuation plan is drawn up;
  3. Liaise with the Staffing Officer in building up an in-house fire rescue team and a first aid team;
  4. Conduct as many spot checks as possible.
  5. Maintain close contact with KWS, tourist police, regular police, municipal fire team and any other relevant law enforcement authorities. 


     AGE; 35- 45 years

    ‘A’ level Education or degree holder.

    Ex- military/police.

    Trained investigator.


1)       Guests.

      2)       Police force and government administration.

      3)      Other security firms

      4)      Security managers in other hotels.


      1)       Excellent report writing skills.

      2)      Ability to train security personnel.

      3)      Firefighting skills.

      4)      Ability to quickly assess situations and implement immediate solutions.

      5)      Excellent supervisory skills.



To apply, kindly send you resume and credentials to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  before 3rd September 2016.




It was truly an honor for us to receive the award. This tremendous recognition brings us lots confidence to perform and serve better to all valuable guests. ‪#‎WhyILoveKenya‬ 



This Award inspired us and taught us to keep on moving to ensure we make DREAMS come TRUE for our Guest. ‪#‎WhyILoveKenya #TravellersBeachHotel #ServicebytheSea‬