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Restaurants & Bar Options in Travellers Beach Hotel & Club

Explore the local and international cuisines and delicacies at the Travellers Beach Hotel & Club!

Dining at Travellers Beach Hotel & Club is a genuine aesthetic enjoyment that will take you on a tour of some finest cuisines. Pick from our wide variety ranging from local Swahili dishes to Indian, Italian, and more international cuisines, and our highly skilled chefs will take you on a gastronomic adventure. Apart from offering a divine dining experience, we have a selection of bars, and a cafe to add some fun and vibrance to your evenings.

Explore the restaurant and bars in Mombasa at Travellers Beach Hotel & Club.

Safina Restaurant

Safina Restaurants Mombasa


Working Hours:

07:30-09:30Hrs   Breakfast

12:45-14:30Hrs      Lunch

19:30-21:00Hrs      Dinner


Satisfy your appetite at the Safina Restaurant- one of the best restaurants in Mombasa. Featuring some delicious continental and local cuisines, the restaurant serves buffet meals.


DRESSING:We encourage decent clothing. Guests should avoid any kind of skimpy dressing, see-through, bikinis, beach wears, shorts, miniskirts, micro-skirts and sleeveless tops during dinner times.


Sher e Punjab



Working Hours (Tue-Sun):

12:45-14:30Hrs   Lunch

19:30-21:00Hrs   Dinner


Relish to the diverse Indian cuisine at the Safina Restaurant. With the cordial ambiance and the elegant decor, this is one of the best places to eat in Mombasa. The restaurant serves a diverse vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu mostly on a la carte except on Sunday lunch when service is the buffet.


DRESSING:We encourage decent clothing. Guests should avoid skimpy dressing, see-through, bikinis, beach wears, shorts, miniskirts, micro-skirts and sleeveless tops during dinner time.


Suli Suli Grill


Working Hours (Daily):    10:00-18:00Hrs     


Set by the sprawling poolside, the SuliSuli Grill has a delicious menu of sea-food. A family restaurant- serving snacks, beverages, and a la carte meals.


DRESSING: Out-door decent, official but liberal

Pwani Kofi Bar

Pwani Kofi Bar in Mombasa


Working Hours (Daily):    10:00-23:00Hrs     


Located by the beach, Pwani Kofi Bar is the ideal place to spend your evening. Treat your palate to the lavish and delicious meal as you watch the tide and feel the ocean breeze. Catch your game or listen to some piped music as you sip your favourite mocktail by the beach./p>         

Msafiri Bar

Masafiri Bar Mombasa


Working Hours:         10:00-23:00Hrs     


Located at the main lounge, the Msafiri Bar has a healthy living option through the fresh juice menu aside from the contemporary bar arrangement. The bar sets the mood with some evening entertainment like live band & Karaoke on selected days of the week.

La Pergola Italian Corner

La Pergola Italian Corner


Working Hours (Daily):

19:30-21:00Hrs  Dinner


Italian food is a lot more than pizza and spaghetti. There are a lot of ingredients, flavours, and dishes to explore in Italian food. La Pergola Italian corner serves you with some mouth-watering Italian cuisines that you should not miss. The restaurant serves an a la carte basis with the option of taking away orders as well.


DRESSING:  Out-door decent, official but liberal

Kisima Bar

Kisima Bar Mombasa


Working Hours:          16:00-23:00Hrs     


The majority serving all-inclusive guests, the bar has options for other guests on other boarding plans. Enjoy piped music, play pool table or table tennis as you savour your drink of choice.


DRESSING: Out-door decent, official but liberal


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