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Kenya is one of Africa’s top nations when it comes to tech advances today. It is the 4th country with the highest internet penetration in Africa. Kenya’s economy can be driven by those sectors that are more promising in the long run because of the country’s sizable youth. In addition to being an exciting source for new ideas, the internet technology of Kenya is crucial to the success of many rising startups.

A lot of sectors such as finance, online gaming, tourism, and e-commerce, are also impacted by internet tech. In Kenya, a paradigm shift is underway. Old business practices are being replaced by new innovations, and savvy young start-ups are leading this digital transformation. Teams of expert developers have emerged in innovation hubs across the nation to build IT, AI, AR/VR, mobile apps, big data, and telecom solutions that capitalize on the nation’s unique mix of opportunities and challenges.

Key Statistics

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7 Interesting Facts About the Technology of Kenya

Kenya is a coastal nation in East Africa with many beach hotels in Mombasa. It is famous as a popular tourist destination for its tea exports, stunning landscapes, and rich ecosystems. Currently, the tech industry in Kenya is growing rapidly. As a result, it ranks among the leading tech hubs in the developing world. Here are seven facts about the technology of Kenya.

1. Internet Adoption

kenya startups

Kenya is also known as Silicon Savannah. It is the second-largest innovation region in Sub-Saharan Africa. Similar to Silicon Valley but surrounded by typical African landscapes. Several tech startups with their head office in Kenya play a key role in the creation of new internet and internet-based system tech. These Kenya startups owe their success to internet adoption. The internet technology of Kenya is better than many regions in Africa. Kenya internet usage has been high in recent years.

The nation has the highest internet speed of over 25 Mbps, which is higher than Uganda, Ghana, and Namibia combined. The Kenya mobile money market size was US$ 109.9 Billion in 2022. Looking forward, the market will reach US$ 348.3 Billion by 2028, showing a growth rate (CAGR) of 20.1% during 2023-2028.

3. Mobile Apps

M-Pesa app by Safaricom
M-Pesa app by Safaricom.

Image credit – Thomas Mukoya/Reuters.

In 2021, Kenya was the leading market worldwide based on year-over-year growth in mobile app downloads, with users in the country downloading over 60% more apps than in 2020. Kenya is a leading nation when it comes to the adoption and use of mobile transaction apps for financing. What does the world think of the technology of Kenya?

mobile loan applications in Kenya

The major telecom provider in the nation is Safaricom, which made its debut in 2007. M-Pesa was released the same year as its first mobile money transfer app and one of the best mobile loan applications in Kenya. Nearly 70% of Kenyan adults use M-Pesa, accessing the service through over 35,000 agents countrywide. In fact, around 20% of the country’s GDP moves through M-Pesa, with over $20 Million per day in transactions.

3. Telecom Networks

internet providers in Kenya
Mobile internet providers in Kenya.

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Telecoms in Kenya used to be utterly outdated. But the telecom networks of today are among the fastest and most cost-effective on the continent. The telecom technology of Kenya can reach rural areas smoothly as well. Safaricom PLC is the largest mobile telecom operator and network in Kenya. It has over 40 million prepaid and over 1 million postpaid subscribers as of June 2022.

1GB of mobile internet in Kenya cost an average of 0.84 U.S. dollars in 2021. Out of 46 plans measured in Kenya, the lowest price observed was 0.24 U.S. dollars per 1GB, for a 30 days plan. And the most expensive plan cost 4.23 U.S. dollars for 1GB.

4. Use of Content

DigiFarm offers smallholding farmers access to a suite of information, financial services, and more.

Image credit –

The mobile apps have added value to the system by streamlining payments and enhancing security. Organized public transport and online carpool did not exist 10 years ago in Kenya. Now even electric cars will be the norm soon on Kenyan roads. In the past ten years, the technology of Kenya has also benefited the agriculture industry. Farmers can now access the market online, displacing brokers who had earlier benefited from their labor.

best prices on food
Twiga is transforming African retail by giving vendors access to the best prices on food, groceries, and more 24/7.

Image credit –

DigiFarm, m-Farm, i-Cow, Sokopepe, and Twiga are just a few examples of online apps that have given farmers the freedom to choose who to sell to and at what price. To help millions of Kenyans who cannot afford doctor fees, mobile apps like MyDawa, M-Tiba, IMCI, etc. have been developed.

The way Kenyans consume media has also changed as a result of tech. Online bloggers have become more popular thanks to social media, making them more appealing to millennials than TV hosts and newspaper writers. Media vloggers stream live content through new media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, which when monetized brings in big bucks.

5. AI & Automation

High-speed internet and automation are the driving forces behind the growth of tech hubs. Andrew Masila, in charge of Innovation, Technology Research, and Design at Safaricom said there are over 40 Tech Hubs in Kenya organized under the Kenya Association of Tech Hubs. Computer programming languages have changed as well. Nowadays, it’s simple to create a good website thanks to the widespread use of modern languages like Python and the widespread use of C++ in 2010.

revolution in Kenya
Industrial revolution in Kenya

Image credit –

The country started to transition from the Third Industrial Revolution to Industry 4.0 during this decade when cutting-edge techs like blockchain, data science, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and the Internet of things (IoT) started to draw interest. The AI and automation technology of Kenya are taking center stage.

6. Big Data & IT Solutions

information technology in Kenya
Tala app, an online financial micro-lending platform is seen on mobile with data privacy and protection.

Image credit –

Kenya is known to be a leader in the adoption of tech in Africa and the information technology in Kenya is growing. The country has a large pool of IT experts, and the government implemented data privacy policies to support the growth of the industry in 2019.

The big data technology of Kenya is one of the key focus areas for IT firms. The country is home to many big data analytics and business intelligence firms. These firms provide services such as data warehousing and predictive modeling to sectors like finance, healthcare, and telecom. Is information technology a big part of Kenya’s growth in multiple sectors?

Kenya is also known for its unique use of IT solutions in areas such as agriculture and transport. For example, the use of mobile tech and big data analytics is helping farmers to improve crop yields and increase efficiency. While the use of GPS and real-time data is helping to improve transport efficiency and safety. The journey has not been without struggles. Kenya’s digital economic progress is hampered by illegal data mining, costly cloud storage, crypto fraud, cyber insecurity, and bullying.

7. AR/VR

digital concierge services
BlackRhino VR is an award-winning Kenya-based VR agency.

Image credit –

There is currently limited use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) tech in the education, tourism, and real estate sectors of Kenya. But this will change in the future. Some popular hotels are already using VR for virtual tours of their hotels, allowing potential guests to explore the hotel before making a booking. AR can be used to create engaging experiences for guests, such as digital concierge services or wayfinding in the hotel.

The AR/VR technology of Kenya is still in the early stages of adoption and has yet to be widespread. But as the tech becomes more accessible and cost-effective, it’s likely that more sectors and hotels in Kenya will start to adopt AR and VR tech to enhance the guest experience and to stand out in a competitive market.

This tech can be used to promote and market the hotels, as it allows potential customers to get a virtual tour of the hotel and its facilities. This can be helpful in getting their interest and making a decision.

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The Evolution in Technology of Kenya

Tech has transformed our daily interactions, transactions, and even the way we think over the past ten years. With the growth of amazing tools and resources that put essential data at our fingertips, it has advanced in almost every field imaginable. If there is anything that has greatly impacted Kenyans’ lives, it is smartphones and the internet.

“I think the Internet is absolutely extraordinary. It’s very, very useful and I think one of the things we’ve got to do is make sure that the African continent gets on to that information super highway.” – Thabo Mbeki, the second president of South Africa.

Only a few Kenyans owned an Android smartphone in 2010. The majority of the middle class boasted about owning “high-end” 3G mobile phones that ran the Symbian operating system. “About 85% of the total population is now covered by a 3G or higher signal.” states the latest World Bank report on Kenya’s digital economy. Now, the technology of Kenya has a robust and competitive infrastructure. Four submarine cables now link the nation to the global network system and its total bandwidth capacity increased by nearly 200% between 2015 and 2018 alone.

Main cities such as Mombasa and Mombasa sub counties are now tech-savvy enough to fulfill the needs of both national and international tourists. Are you looking for hotels in north coast Mombasa? Or searching for a luxury spa in Mombasa? Or finding the best places to eat in Mombasa? Contact us to book a hotel room in Mombasa at Travellers Beach Hotel & Club for unmatched service and amazing offers.

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