Mombasa's Greatest Food Experiences & Where to Find Them

  • May 19, 2022

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    Travellers Beach Hotel

What Makes Mombasa’s Food & Cuisines Unique?

Mombasa is known for its diverse cuisine that is not found anywhere else in East Africa. It has a unique blend of Swahili, Indian and British cooking styles that are all mixed together to create a unique style of cooking unlike any other place in the world.

Mombasa is one of Kenya’s most important coastal cities and an excellent place to visit. Not only are there loads of attractions for both visitors and locals to enjoy, but the city also holds a distinction in Africa’s history for many reasons. Mombasa has a lot to offer you foodies – unique flavors, and excellent cuisine.

Mombasa is a very culturally diverse region with an extensive history of food and drink. It boasts many restaurants with traditional dishes from across east Africa. The local cuisine comes from the traders who passed through the way, bringing new flavors with them.

Restaurants For Food Lovers In Mombasa And Where To Find Them

Travellers Beach Hotel & Club is a real gem for those looking for a relaxing evening with friends on the beach or for a special family dinner. The ocean view and beautiful gardens provide the eye with plenty of lush, green scenery to take in before mentally preparing yourself for the rest of your day.

We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of exquisite cuisine in a relaxed and comfortable setting. The food here is a central part of the experience, so we are dedicated to providing travelers with authentic international dishes.

Travellers Beach Hotel & Club invites you for a luxurious dining experience. We not only offer authentic local dishes made by skilled chefs in stunning locations, but our food is visually appealing and relished by locals and tourists.

Our chefs are masters in preparing meals that will tantalize your taste buds. Aside from providing an incredible dining experience, our bars and cafe are a great way to have fun during the evening hours and escape work.

Mombasa’s Hidden Gems That Are Worth A Visit – 5 Must-Try Restaurants In Mombasa That Are Worth A Visit

Travellers Beach Hotel & Club offers a world-class experience in contemporary elegance, ambiance, and hospitality with premium cuisines. We offer an extensive menu of local dishes, international appetizers, and other offerings to thrill your palate with every visit.

Navigate from our diverse range of dishes and culinary experiences. Our experienced chefs will prepare your favorite dish, given the type of cuisine you seek. Dine in any of these restaurants that have a luxurious environment and exquisite taste for an unforgettable meal-

Safina Restaurant


Looking for a spot in Mombasa that offers the best local Swahili dishes? Safina Restaurant is the place for you! Safina Restaurant is among Mombasa’s most famous dining establishments and is visited by both residents and tourists.

Some of the best cuisines around come from offbeat places like Kenya. So no matter what type of cuisine you’re in search of, you’ve got a good shot with this one. It’s a great experience for all your senses.

Safina offers a great African dining experience, with expertly-crafted dishes and excellent service in the perfect location. The cuisine is flavorful and unique, making this an ideal place for you to sit down for a delicious dish any time of year.

Sher e Punjab


Indian food is incredibly diverse with countless regional variations and authentic cooking methods. This cuisine is also one of the most popular cuisines in the world, eaten all over the world. It’s popular in regions not just in India but even America, Canada, and beyond.

At Sher-e-Punjab in Mombasa, you can taste a wide variety of dishes. It has starters, mains, and desserts, so you’re spoilt for choice. There’s a diverse range of dishes in this restaurant, so all dietary needs are covered. The restaurant also provides a laid-back vibe and creates a calm, elegant ambiance.

This Indian restaurant is a prime find in Mombasa. The decor and atmosphere create a classic feel while the generous portions allow you to indulge your senses. The chefs make sure that every meal you have leaves you full and satisfied.

Suli Suli Grill

Suli-Suli Grill is a renowned restaurant in Mombasa — and is undeniably the best place to find seafood. With a reputation for its fresh and unique seafood dishes, this restaurant is the place to be. Whether you’re looking for international flavors or just want to indulge in the best seafood dishes in town, Suli Suli Grill has you covered.

Suli Suli offers some of the best Kenyan seafood in town. The service is also very good and you can enjoy a traditional evening with friends and family at this beachfront restaurant. Guests at Suli Suli Grill in Travellers Beach Hotel & Club can enjoy their stay in a beautiful and serene location. The outdoor patio offers an expansive view of the surrounding environment.


There is no set dress code, but it is advised to dress decently. On Mondays and Fridays (4 pm to 7 pm) visit the Suli Suli Grill before happy hours end and enjoy exclusive offers on drinks!

Pwani Kofi Bar

If you’re looking for a fun, lively restaurant nearby, Pwani Kofi Bar is located right by a beautiful beach at Travellers Beach Hotel & Club. The menu includes a large selection of mouth-watering dishes to ensure that your taste buds are fulfilled.

There’s more than meets the eye at this beach restaurant. They offer a great way to escape from your hustle so it’s the perfect place for some fun! With a restaurant like this, there is nothing quite like being on vacation and enjoying live entertainment.

Mombasa Roots Band

The magnificent dinner spread, the soothing live performances by Mombasa Roots Band, and the discounts on food and drinks are just some of the captivating things that await you at this restaurant. Reserve your table today!

Msafiri Bar

Msafiri for a Healthy Drink or Snack

Msafiri could be your destination if you’re looking for healthier options on the go. They have delicious and healthy appetizers, milkshakes, and smoothie options, as well as a wide variety of juices.

Msafiri Bar offers several healthy menu items which are exactly what travelers go craving as they work their way through different locations. Their smoothies, shakes, and juices are all high in vitamins and minerals. What more do you want?

La Pergola Italian Corner

la pergola

La Pergola serves amazing Italian food in Mombasa. For every individual ingredient that is served, there are unique flavor combinations. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better Italian cuisine around here!

Italian food is a unique cuisine that draws influences from many regions. The menu here is filled with tomato-based sauces, stews, and appetizers. The service is impeccable and their ambiance is elegant. You will enjoy your visit to the restaurant regardless of whether you are in the mood for a lighter meal or something more filling.

They have a selection of both dishes to order à-la-carte and takeaway options. Their flavors are similar to regional cuisine from Italy like traditional pasta, pizza, and desserts. The restaurant has plenty of great desserts, snacks, and pasta that will leave you very satisfied! Head to La Pergola Italian Corner and enjoy the delicious food.

Kisima Bar


Kisima is a lively bar with a diverse group of people. It has something to offer to everyone, young or old and you’ll find yourself leaving completely recharged and refreshed after coming here.

Kisima bar

One thing we love about Kisima Bar is that its relaxed atmosphere has something for everyone. Whether you want to unwind after a long day or want to enjoy the soft spotlights and coastal decor, there’s a little something for everybody in Kisima Bar.

You can enjoy a wide range of entertainment options at this lounge, including music, pool, and drinks. The nice chairs in the back ensure that you can take a break whenever you want.

Explore Mombasa’s Greatest Food Experiences At Travellers Beach Hotel & Club

Travellers Beach Hotel & Club is a coastal resort and a great place for culinary adventures. It boasts of a variety of food experiences, from international cuisines to fine dining and an onsite bar and grill. If you are in the mood to explore Mombasa’s greatest food experiences then Travellers Beach Hotel & Club is perfect for you.

Travellers Beach Hotel & Club offers an exquisite variety of international dishes, including meals from diverse cultures. Come in today to try something new. Our expert chefs are focused on ensuring that your meal has been well-prepared and that you’re having the best experience possible.

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